Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Meanwhile…at HQ...

Meanwhile, at Twickenham, it is rumoured that the RFU has commissioned Canterbury to produce an ingenious new kit for the fixtures against Scotland and France.

The new kit will be designed to mimic the properties of the pictured dress.

Is the dress (as is obvious to this blogger) white and gold, or is it in fact (as many might tell you) blue and black?

It's a question that has been debated long and hard on social media in the past week and it seems as if some bright spark at the RFU has decided to put it to England's advantage.

"With the penalty count against us in Dublin being unacceptable, we're hoping the new kit might help," an RFU insider confided.

"We think that the colour perception issue will create confusion among the opposition and the referee, with a number of them, including hopefully the referee, confusing white kit with blue kit with the result that England's transgressions at the breakdown will go entirely unnoticed."

When it was pointed out that the new kit might also cause similar confusion in the England team our RFU source admitted that he hadn't thought of that, but confirmed that it couldn't be any worse than it was in Dublin.

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