Saturday, 16 May 2015


They say bad luck comes in threes.

One day last week the postman came to the door. The following sequence of events then occurred:

1. I jumped up from my chair and stubbed my toe on the table leg - cue shouting, cursing and bleeding;

2. To stop bleeding on the kitchen floor I attempted to apply a plaster. As I bent down my old friend sciatica decided to pay me a visit, with pain shooting across my lower back and down my right leg; and

3. To address the inflammation I decided to apply an ice pack to my lower back, perhaps a little too vigorously, resulting in what I can only describe as a 2nd degree ice burn on my right buttock.

The upshot is that it has been painful to sit down all week, and agony to stand up. I missed this week's Touch, have been unable to exercise and have been thoroughly miserable.

Thankfully things appear to be settling down as the weekend approaches and I'm hoping that normality will soon be restored.

And I won't be answering the door to the postman anytime soon.

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