Wednesday, 6 May 2015

In Touch (once more)

A warm balmy evening in Chesham it definitely was not as the 2015 Touch Rugby season kicked off last night.

After 3 weeks of getting the heart, lungs and legs used to exercise again in relatively tranquil conditions, the start of the league season yesterday evening was accompanied by a bitter gale whistling in from the Urals. Not pleasant.

For Dave’s Dog’s Dad’s Dead, my team, it was something of a rusty start against my almer mater, Chairman’s Choice. We were behind for much of the game, reliant on several moments of genius from young Tommy to keep us in the contest. As the second half wore on, however, our mistakes became fewer, the younger and supposedly fitter opposition began to tire and the old heads in our team prevailed as we narrowly squeaked home 11-10.

So, what is technically my 10th Touch campaign is now firmly under way (although, in the interests of accuracy, I must point out that last year’s effort was cut short after 20 minutes by sciatica). We are also defending champions although, again, my contribution to last year’s triumph was somewhat negligible.

Still, there is (I hope) life in the old dog yet and, while not exactly setting the world alight with lightening-quick breaks and deft sleight of hand, I was pleased to make it through to the end without disgracing myself. Small mercies and all that…

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