Friday, 3 July 2015

Touching Distance

So, one week of the Touch season to go and Dave’s Dad’s Dog’s Dead are now 9 wins from 9 and certain of being crowned champions next week.

This week’s encounter, against a very fit, quick and youthful Welsh Exiles (with not a single Welsh accent amongst them, it must be said) was played in stiflingly hot conditions and, given that we only had 9 players available for duty, was certainly a challenge from a fitness perspective.

A hectic first half saw us tied at 4-4 – which came as a surprise to us all as we had appeared to be up against it defensively all half (as the sweat dripping out of my t-shirt testified).

As has often been the case this season, however, we played a much improved second half, tightening up the defence and taking our opportunities as the opposition tired, with the final score 11-6 in our favour.

It’s been a theme of the season that we seem to outlast much younger opposition in terms of stamina – and this week 5 of our 9 players were in their late forties or older. Or perhaps it’s just been that we make fewer errors then they do when completely knackered?

At the (ever enjoyable) post match beer I was complimented on “almost pulling off the most outrageous dummy” at one point in the match. The telling word in that phrase is, of course, “almost”. In other words it all went pear-shaped once the dummy was sold and acceleration was required. Plus ça change.

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