Thursday, 30 July 2015

Walk in the park

Every now and again (and increasingly, with a certain rugby event on the horizon) I am invited to promote a product or an event on my humble little blog.

My usual policy is that the blog does not carry advertising or promotions - at least not unless I am offered obscene amounts of cash (I'm not THAT principled).

Occasionally, though, an email comes in that tickles my fancy without the promise of filthy lucre - and so it comes to pass that I now mention the forthcoming launch, by Warner Leisure Hotels, of Walking Rugby.

Walking Rugby has, we're told, been developed following research which allegedly concludes that almost half of over-50s desire team sports to be made "more accessible for their generation." In other words, rugby needs to be made slower and needs to hurt less. No arguments from me so far.

So, lo and behold, we now have a sport which apparently involves no running, no passing higher than shoulder height, no holding of the ball for more than three seconds without passing, no scrums, shorter game duration, frequent substitutions and tries being scored by walking the ball over the try line (so no pesky bending down!).

All very intriguing… one question I do have, though, is this: did I receive the invitation to the launch of Walking Rugby randomly, or has someone been watching me play Touch Rugby?


Anonymous said...

Looking at the photos and your blog, are you sure you haven't already given it a go?
"50 something overweight loose forward"- I think I can see one, or two, in the photos :-)

If that isn't you are you going to give it a crack and report back?

Total Flanker said...

How very dare you! I resemble that remark :)

Paul Dundee said...

If you do want to give it a go, get in touch.

GAP Rugby are the founders of Walking Rugby, adapted for the holiday market and specifically the residents at Warner Leisure Hotels. The launch event with Martin Corry was an excellent day, generating plenty of interest across UK and international press, radio and TV media.

Paul Dundee
Associate Director
GAP Rugby