Tuesday, 22 September 2015

All hail Eddie Jones

Some interesting comments this week from Japan coach and recently-hailed rugby genius, Eddie Jones:
“Rugby now is a collision sport. World Rugby needs to find way to make it more fatiguing. There are various suggestions that need to be looked at. The ball needs to be in play for longer periods. 
“Look at the game of rugby. It's 80 minutes and sometimes the ball is in play for 27 minutes. The longer the ball is in play the more fatigued players are, the more fatigued players the more space there is.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Earlier this year I suggested that
one solution to the brutality of modern-day tackling was to speed up the game…

“…award free kicks instead of penalties for all but the most blatant of scrum offences, don't allow the selection of a scrum as a penalty or free-kick option, put a time limit on the completion of set pieces - anything to move the game away from the gargantuan gym monkeys currently dominating the game”

...echoing the views of Austin Healy a couple of years ago who suggested the need to make rugby more aerobic, forcing players to prepare accordingly and shrink in bulk, thus reducing the impact of collisions.

Who’d have thought…an old curmudgeon like me finds himself agreeing with the likes of Austin Healy and Eddie Jones…?

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