Sunday, 20 September 2015

Quite remarkable

To put Japan's victory over South Africa into context - it is only their second ever victory at a world cup.

Some are saying it's the biggest upset in RWC history. Scrap that - it's the biggest shock  in the history of international rugby and - given the disparity in resources between the top tier teams and the 2nd and 3rd tier nations in rugby - possibly the greatest upset in sporting history, ever.

Sadly I did not get to witness such a momentous event as I was stuck on a ridiculously slow train to Twickenham on my way to the France v Italy game.

As a game the Franco-Italian clash was poor. As an occasion it was quite magnificent, with HQ in the grip of a unique carnival atmosphere - clearly much has been learnt and applied from the Olympics - with French fans in particular in good voice.

One thing that never changes, unfortunately, is the chaotic nature of transport home from the stadium - a 2½ hour journey home meaning a very late night for me and TF Jnr...

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