Monday, 28 September 2015

Whatever happened to TCUP?

Thoughts in the cold light of day, following initial feelings of betrayal and bereavement (yes, bereavement - I know, I know, I really need to get things in perspective!)…

Chapeau to Wales for a magnificent effort when reduced to the bare bones of a team.

Wales were, however, undoubtedly aided by a series of inept English decisions...from removing an utterly dominant front row from the fray, to taking off Sam Burgess with the Wales backline more or less on its knees, to deciding to kick to Wales and invite them to run it back, to blitzing in defence at entirely the wrong time, to not attempting to kick a kickable penalty at the death when 3 points down, to chucking the ball to the front of the ensuing lineout...the list goes on.

Ultimately, well done Wales, brilliant effort.

But whatever happened to thinking clearly under pressure?

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