Thursday, 22 October 2015

A tale of four Ians (and a Ben)

The make up of the five-man panel to review England’s World Cup debacle, consisting of 4 Ians (Ritchie, McGeechan, Watmore, Metcalfe) and a token Ben (Kay), hardly inspires confidence that any review will be handled in a proper and impartial manner.

One Ian (Watmore) used to be Chief Executive of the not-at-all-dysfunctional Football Association. Another Ian (McGeechan) originally recommended that Stuart Lancaster be appointed as Head Coach and is a confirmed admirer of the Cumbrian. Another Ian (Ritchie) not so very long ago handed Lancaster a premature contract extension while the final Ian (Metcalfe) was involved in the appointment of Ian (Ritchie) as CEO of the RFU. Ben (Kay), meanwhile, as well as not being called Ian, is a former team-mate of England coaches Graham Rowntree, Mike Catt and Andy Farrell.

We don't need a panel to review England’s performance. All that is needed is for Stuart Lancaster to take a long, hard look at himself in the mirror, accept that he and his coaching team selected the wrong squad, got the preparations horribly wrong, adopted the wrong tactical approach, made some awful in-game decisions in the big games and overall failed to learn the lessons of the last 4 years.

He needs to do the honourable thing and resign - and save us all from the Ians (and Ben).


john said...

think a lot of people agree with you, hence the group of fans that put together this list of questions they want answered openly and honestly in the upcoming review.

Would love to hear what you thought about this.

Total Flanker said...

All very sensible questions, the answers to which must inevitably require the removal of the current coaching set up...

AndyCapp said...

Who else other than the gin-sodden old farts at HQ would appoint a coach for a national team entering a home World Cup with just 2 years experience at Leeds and 2 years with the Saxons. It looks like this chimps tea party of a review panel will serve little or no purpose whatsoever. I am so thankful that Orville the Duck is still gainfully employed as I am sure he and other equally qualified candidates will end up on the review panel's shortlist to replace Lancaster (that said, Orville probably knows far more about the breakdown than England's current coaching team)