Sunday, 11 October 2015

Aussies accused of cheating

The Rugby World Cup was embroiled in controversy yesterday as the Australian team were accused of cheating.

It has emerged that in the last 12 months the Australian pack has been practising scrummaging under the tutelage of scrum coach Mario Ledesma.

"It’s an established and accepted part of international rugby that Australia are hopeless at scrummaging and should have to rely on the brilliance of their threequarters,” said a Rugby World Cup insider.

"It’s clear to everyone from their dominant scrummaging performances against both England and Wales that they must have been practising.

"This is a flagrant breach of the spirit of the game, gives the Australians a massively unfair advantage and is tantamount to cheating.

"The likes of Matt Dunning and Bill Young will be turning in their graves – if they were dead – which they’re not, obviously.”

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