Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Dunderhead of the Week

Dunderhead of the Week goes to World Rugby judicial officer Antony Davies who has handed down a ban of 5 weeks to Alesana Tuilagi, effectively for raising his knee in the act of running. 

Japan centre Harumichi Tatekawa was clattered by said knee whilst attempting to tackle the giant Samoan on Saturday. 

The attempted tackle took place pretty much directly in front of me at Stadium MK on Saturday. The Japanese fella got his  body in a poor position and Tuialigi ran straight through and over him.

That the 'incident' (such as it was) was even deemed worthy of a second glance is astonishing.

That "having conducted a detailed review of all the available evidence, including all camera angles, medical evidence, evidence from the player and submissions from his legal representatives, the judicial officer Antony Davies upheld the citing on the basis that the player had committed the act of foul play" is just utterly ridiculous.

Rumours that Tuilagi asked for 1,263 other similar offices to be taken into consideration remain unconfirmed.

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Von said...

This is the one incident of the world cup so far that has my bloody boiling more than any other. Absolutely ludicrous and a miscarriage of justice.

Anthony Davies actually said this: "I have seen Mr Tuilagi play rugby many times from 2004 onwards - enough to know that what I have seen is not his normal running style".

A quick look at any of the many "Tuilagi Beast Mode" and similarly evocatively titled videos on YouTube would have quickly disabused him of that complete misconception.