Monday, 2 November 2015

Rugby World Cup Final - a few observations

- Best team won without a doubt. I was sitting with an Aussie mate and willing the Wallabies on as they rallied in the 2nd half, but at the end the All Blacks simply showed their class. Superb performance and much deserved result.

- I haven’t seen a re-run yet, but it appeared to me that New Zealand solved the “Pooper” problem by simply not taking the ball into contact anywhere in the vicinity of Pocock or Hooper. Not rocket science but clearly a strategy way beyond what England could come up with.

- Fantastic atmosphere at Twickenham with the exception only of the disrespectful idiots who thought that singing “Swing Low” was a good idea (unless it was being sung ironically, of course, in which case - genius!)

- Sonny Bill Williams has his critics but the gesture of giving his medal to the young lad wiped out by an overly aggressive steward was quite superb. What I also liked was the apparent reaction of the boy’s mother who wanted him to give the medal back as he shouldn’t have been on the pitch in the first place!!


Von said...

Not you as well? Can't believe everyone is saying Security was heavy-handed. He put in a very neat tackle, causing the pitch invader no damage at all. Teenage kid or not, there's a random member of the public running directly at the players - Security's job is to take him down. Giving this little scrote a medal will just encourage other idiots to run on the pitch in future.

Anyway, pitch invasion convention is quite clear: naked adults only.

Enter Active said...

I hear a lot of debate over "which is manlier, which is tougher" etc. and I want people's opinions.

I play both, and I think Rugby is tougher, but American Football hits a much harder.

In an average rugby game, you get 5 times as much, and you need to handle running, tackling, rucking, passing, kicking, basically you need to be able to do everything that is needed between every position in american football. Also rugby is tiring, where as all the stoppage in play in american football make it really easy on the cardio.

However, there is a reason we wear pads in american football. In rugby, you will never be hit in the back when your not moving or moving slowly. You will never be hit period in less you are tackling, being tackles, rucking or in the scrum. In football, defenders can smash blockers at any time, just because they are there. There are no requirements to wrap and bring to the ground on a tackle, and hits on someone who's head is turned, or are in midair, (like defenceless receivers in the NFL), are extremely rare.
Also, rugby players only look at football players' equipment as protection, but not many people see them as a weapon. Not many people know that helmets cause more concussions then stop them, because of helmets moving at high-speed smashing in to helmets that are not. It is an extra 10 pounds of hitting power.
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