Sunday, 20 December 2015


For rugby nerds (and I include myself in that definition), new laws being trialled in New Zealand's NPC next season look interesting.

The proposed changes include moving the offside line to one metre behind the rear foot, abandoning the ‘through the gate’ law at the tackle and ruck and insisting the tackler comes from an onside position (i.e. one metre behind the rear foot) before attacking the ball.

It strikes me that the effect of all this will be to favour the team in possession and nullify the effect of the jackal at the tackle, which is perfect timing just as England finally decide that a "true 7" is what they need.

There is also the more the headline-grabbling change that there will now be two referees on the field with - it is thought - one of them being responsible for policing the new 1 metre offside line.

If that is the case - if it does take an extra official just to police one law - then there's little prospect of the changes working, if only because it will be impossible to implement at any level other than in the elite professional game.

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PACSFerret said...

So as long as you are 'onside' you can fly into a ruck at any angle? Yep, that not dangerous at all.