Thursday, 18 February 2016

Fast Eddie strikes again...

Loving this quote from Eddie Jones this week:
“There’s no use talking to the press about it. You’ve got to play well, play like a Test player, dominate club rugby and show all the skills of a Test player. You can’t talk to the media about being a Test player, you’ve got to prove it.”
Although in this instance he was talking about Danny Cipriani, there are several other players, both inside and outside the current squad, to whom he could be referring.

Personally I find Fast Eddie's "I don't really care what you say" approach to the media quite refreshing - although perhaps he should have a quick coffee with Martin Johnson to check out just how vindictive good old British rugby hacks can be...

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Von said...

I'm more and more impressed with Eddie Jones's attitude and style every time I hear a new quote from him.

I read today comments along the lines of (and I'm paraphrasing):
- I don't care where we park the bus, I'll leave that up to the players, not going to stay up at night thinking about any of that stuff.
- Luther Burrell was left out of the squad because he wasn't good enough. He had flaws in his game and I told him a few specific thing to work on.
- (On Tuilagi) He's not a 13 mate, he's a 12.

These comments tell me:
- There's a definitive end to all that contrived BS about pride in the shirt and other jingoistic nonsense.
- He's brutally honest with the player, but more importantly specific with what they need to do in order to get another shot.
- He's decisive. That Tuilagi position comment has literally shut down six weeks of speculation and pundit gossip. God knows what the journos are going to write about now...

And that, to your point, is the best bit. I get the distinct impression he genuinely couldn't give a toss what the media have to say about him or his decisions. That, to me, is fantastic.