Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Pick up and go

England’s third try in the win over France at the Stade de France on Saturday was remarkable insofar as it came from a pick up and break from a scrum by Billy Vunipola.

How often these days do you see tries scored in this way at the top level? Hardly ever.

I’ve previously bemoaned the demise of the back row move, but equally the number 8 attacking pick up and go has become more or less an extinct art in elite rugby. So much so, that when at the start of this season I encouraged my son to pick up and go from the base of the scrum for his Under 13 team, he wasn’t aware it was allowed as he’d never seen it done on TV!

Eddie Jones has commented that the old England “would never have considered a number 8 pick up and break” – which is hardly surprising as the old England rarely even got the ball to the number 8’s feet.

Jones’ insistence on his hooker actually hooking the ball means that the ball is now available at the back of the scrum and gives England attacking options.

To which I say HALLELUJAH!

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PACSFerret said...

Jamie Heaslip does it regularly.