Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Curious Case of Chris Ashton

So, a 13 week ban for Chris Ashton for biting the arm of Saints prop Alex Waller at the weekend.

Ashton is a strange one. By all accounts a decent bloke and well-liked off the pitch, when he crosses the whitewash onto the field of play he appears to have the seemingly never-ending capacity to behave like an idiot.

Whether it's the ludicrously self-indulgent 'Ash Splash', or pulling an opponent's hair, or being banned for gouging against Ulster, or shouting at the opposition kicker to trying to put him off, or shoving someone in the back, or chewing down on an opponent's forearm, the list goes on...

Saracens are a loyal club and are rallying around their errant player.

"There is one rule for Chris Ashton and one rule for every other professional rugby player in England,” says former Sarries CEO Edward Griffiths.

Sorry, Eddie, but that's utter bollocks - there comes a time when you have to stop excusing a player's lack of self discipline and read him the riot act.

If not now, when?

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Andrew Byrne said...

It's too early for his team to start giving out to him.
Probably best to wait until he gets sent off for calling the referee and f**king cheat in the premiership final, then and only then will it be time to sit him down and have a chat.