Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Bad news, good news for Fiji

England will take on an upset Fiji this weekend.

The Fijians are, quite rightly, disappointed that they received no recognition whatsoever at last weekend’s World Rugby Awards, despite winning back to back World 7s Series titles and more importantly winning the country’s first ever gold medal at the Rio Olympics.

Better news is emerging, however, relating to a revolutionary new plan to establish a Super Rugby franchise in Fiji in order to address the current player drain from the Pacific Islands. The ambitious plan already reportedly has the backing of major global companies to the tune of £20 million.

Together with addressing current international eligibility rules this would certainly be a step in the right direction…

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Nursedude said...

That may be better news for Fijian rugby than any trophy that World Rugby would give the Fijians. I agree, that is a positive step...now about Tonga and Samoa?