Monday, 16 January 2017


Distinctly unimpressed by the antics of Scarlets’ James ‘Cubby’ Davies on Saturday.

Fresh from a return from a ban for being a sweary disrespecter of referees, Davies surpassed himself on Saturday when appearing to be poleaxed from the slightest of slaps from Saracens’ Will Skelton.

Skelton deservedly received a yellow card, but the reaction Davies, falling to the ground as if he’d been clubbed by Mike Tyson, was utterly ridiculous and equally worthy of sanction.

Brian Moore is correct when stating that this sort of play-acting should have no place in rugby.

I admit I was a fan of James Davies when he starred for Team GB in the Olympics, but he’s quickly establishing an unwanted reputation.

Perhaps his big brother should have a word?

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Von said...

Mr Flanker,
I completely disagree that Skelton deserved a yellow card.
Davies was interfering on the "wrong" side of the maul = penalty.
Davies was grabbing Skelton around the head and neck = penalty and, under the recent law clarification, yellow to Davies.
Skelton simply released himself from Davies's grasp and escorted him away from the area so that they could both get on with their game = play on.
Davies play-acting, specifically outlawed under the "simulation" directive = penalty.

Three penalty offences in one single incident adds up to at least a yellow card for Davies - personally I think he should have been shown red, as a deterrent to other cheating pricks - with no case to answer for Skelton.