Saturday, 1 April 2017

Announcement: Total Flanker in association with...

I am pleased to announce that this blog is now sponsored by the Rugby Football League - the governing body for professional rugby league in England.

I admit that this is in flagrant breach of my previously stated objectives, but there comes a time when money talks. In this instance the Rugby Football League are willing to pay me handsomely to promote their sport to fans of rugby union.

So for the next 12 months this blog will exclusively feature rugby league content - under the terms of the deal rugby union content will no longer be included.

The astute amongst you will have spotted that, as the 13-man code does not feature flankers, the name Total Flanker will no longer be appropriate. You are quite correct, of course, which is why I plan to change the name of this blog in the coming weeks to "Dummy Half".

I apologise if these changes spoil your enjoyment of this blog but hope I can rely on your continued support for what promises to be an exciting new chapter. 

Thank you.

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