Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Boredom responsible for wonder drop goal

It turns out that sheer boredom was responsible for Johnny Sexton letting fly with his winning drop goal attempt from 40-odd metres in the dying seconds against France on Saturday.

After 41 phases of watching forwards run into each other the Irish fly half was said to be "bored shitless" with the constant recycling of the ball in the face of the the passive French defence.

"Frankly we could have kept the ball comfortably for another 50 phases or so" said a source close to the Irish camp. 

"But we were never going to score a try in month of Sundays so eventually Johnny said "Feck it" and went for the drop goal.

"He was cold and wet and fancied a shower and a pint. Frankly he couldn't give a monkeys where the ball ended up".

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