Thursday, 22 February 2018

Six Nations 2018: Round 3 Predictions

Enough frippery.

Here are the TF Six Nations Round 3 predictions:

France v Italy

France's selection policy remains barking mad and I wouldn't have it any other way! Italy have a great chance here but, with the match being played in the hotbed of the Stade Velodrome on Friday night in Marseilles, I do see France shading this one by 3 to 6 points.

Ireland v Wales

Does the selection of Dan Biggar for Wales signal a return to Warrenball? Certainly the Welsh will need to improve their aerial game significantly to succeed in Dublin. This will either be very close indeed or a comfortable win for Ireland. I suspect that latter.

Scotland v England

Every 2 years we're told that Scotland will send the English homeward tae think again and very occasionally it does happen, but not to this English team. I expect England's tight five to impose themselves and the "finishers' to wrap this one up. England by 9-12.


Von said...

France by 20
Ireland by 15
England by 10

Unknown said...

im welsh and i think
Scotland 22-29 England
Ireland 29-10 Wales
France 39-8 Italy

Unknown said...

Lots of egg on faces to go around. Scotland won comfortably.

TotalFlanker said...

Yep, completely wrong on the Murrayfield outcome although with hindsight the writing should have been on the wall with the selection of that English back row. Hindsight is, as ever, 20/20.