Friday, 16 March 2018

Six Nations 2018: Final Round Predictions

I've been holding back on my predictions this week until the team selections for the final round of this year's Six Nations were published. The following forecasts are therefore made using precise criteria and proven algorithms to ensure maximum reliability.

Or, alternatively, I'm just guessing as usual.

And so, without further ado, to the final three courses of this year's Six Nations feast (see what I did there?):

Italy v Scotland

The only thing that can prevent this being a try-fest on Saturday is wet weather. Otherwise I see Scotland winning by a significant margin with Italy also crossing the whitewash regularly. Want me to be more specific? Oh, ok then, 53-25 to Scotland.

England v Ireland

Hmmm. Ireland will be as ruthlessly efficient as ever and I just can't see them letting this one slip unless England can somehow summon up a Lazarus-like transformation. England won't just lie down and no doubt it will be competitive, but I'm going for Ireland by 6-9 points.

Wales v France

This one could be a humdinger with neither side wholly convincing but both buoyed by encouraging recent performances. France have proved that they can be awkward buggers and, despite Wales being the more fluent of the two teams, will make life difficult for the Welsh. I've been predicting French chaos to prevail all competition so why change now - France by 3.

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