Thursday, 19 April 2018

Taxi for Folau?

The fallout from Israel Folau's public declaration of his views on homosexuality refuses to go away, despite Rugby's Australia's somewhat pathetic attempts so far.

Folau's comments on social media - that gay people were destined to a life in hell unless they repented for their "sins" - have so far been met with condemnation from all quarters other than from Rugby Australia who, desperate to cling on to their prized asset, have even commented that they "accepted Israel's position".

Does Folau have the right to express his views publicly, no matter how abhorrent? 


Does he have the right to do so without consequence or sanction?

Absolutely not, especially where such views are so clearly at odds with his employer's public commitment to inclusiveness and the universal values of rugby.

Folau has, more or less, threatened to quit the sport if sanctioned.

Rugby Australia needs to grow some bollocks and call him out on this one.

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