Friday, 8 June 2018

Back in Touch (2018)

Regular readers of this blog - all 3 of you - will recall that usually at this time of year I am to be observed frolicking around the playing fields of Chesham playing Touch Rugby.

This year is no exception.

Dave's Dad's Dog's Dead are now four games into the 2018 Chesham Premiership 'season' and, with a record of played 4, won 3 and lost 1 (by one try at that), we are relatively happy. As usual we are fielding a combination of young pacey talent and several old gimmers such as yours truly and are managing to hold our own against much younger, fitter teams who really should be be wiping the floor with us.

My personal contribution to the cause is, it has to be admitted, fairly limited although I do find that cunning and treachery still have a place in the game - my sole try coming when the opposition stopped marking me after I'd signalled that I was ready to be subbed! I almost asked the ref not to award the score but I am ashamed to admit that the realisation that this may be my only try of the campaign took precedence 😉.

For those not familiar with Touch Rugby I would heartily recommend it - either as a way back into playing rugby, or for the fitness, or just because it's bloody good fun. This is my 13th season and, although I'm not getting any younger (I was an old twat when I started at the age of 41), my decrepit old body, despite creaking alarmingly at times, is still just about holding together.

Stayed tuned, if you can bear it, for the next instalment...

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