Monday, 20 August 2018

Once a wazzock? (Revisited)

Only the likes of Chris Ashton could - having returned to blighty from Toulon in a bid to win back his England place - get himself sent off for punching in a pre-season friendly.

Ashton, who managed to stay out of trouble perfectly well whilst playing in the south of France, seemingly can't avoid running into disciplinary problems as soon as the prospect of an England shirt beckons.

Like with Danny Cipriani's off-field shenanigans, Eddie Jones must be asking himself whether Ashton can be trusted.

Postscript: As it turns out Ashton was sent off for a tip tackle rather than punching. A minimum 6 week ban awaits...

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Peter Franklin said...

Oh dear. I had hoped that Cipriani and Ashton would have been able to moderate their behaviour with the passing of time. Sadly not. You get the feeling that both of these wayward talents are going to go spend their lives in retirement rueing lost opportunities.