Monday, 24 September 2018

White Noise for England Rugby

Imagine my total and utter lack of surprise at today's news that the RFU is launching yet another England kit in its relentless pursuit of the hard earned cash from our wallets.

I’ve long given up making too much of a fuss about this kind of thing although continue to believe that a brand new kit every single bloody season (and “alternate” kit, which this year is anthracite – or dark grey to you and me) is simply taking the piss.

And spare us please from the inevitable nonsensical marketing bollocks from kit manufacturer Canterbury - who this year claim that the design of the home shirt takes its inspiration from ‘white noise’ which, they say, is the "effect created by the sound of England supporters cheering the team on". 

I kid you not.

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Peter Franklin said...

Yet whenever I grace the stands at HQ, my co-attendees shirts vary from the latest release to ones Dusty Hare might have worn.