Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Gatland for England?

According to the Telegraph, sources within the RFU have claimed that Wales coach Warren Gatland is now the front runner to replace Eddie Jones as England head coach.

Despite never having been Gatland's greatest fan, his track record has to be acknowledged and I can totally see how he might appeal to the RFU given his vast experience on the international stage and his previous success at Wasps.

How this might pan out after this year's World Cup, with Eddie Jones scheduled to stay on to mentor a new head coach until his departure in 2021, is anyone's guess.

I suspect that the timing of this story, a few days before Wales take on England at Cardiff, is no coincidence...

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Rouge9 said...

Doesn't Brian Moore write for the Telegraph? A bit of Pitbull psychology perhaps? Didn't he once headbutt the front of the Welsh team bus as it was heading into Twickenham? I would see Gatland as a step backwards, no offence intended.