Thursday, 21 February 2019

Manu Tuilagi - Whatever happened to Loyalty?

If the news that Manu Tuilagi has decided to leave Leicester to join Racing 92 next season is true, then I'm really quite disappointed in him.

Although I'm sure he cares not one jot about what I think, it's a poor state of affairs if, indeed, Tuilagi has decided to turn his back on the club that has nurtured him since he was a teenager and stuck by him through thick and thin during several prolonged injury absences, paying him a small fortune in the process.

Likewise, with the move to France making him ineligible for England selection, this feels like a kick in the teeth for the succession of England coaches who have stuck by him through his many injuries and multiple off-field misdemeanours.

Look, I get that Racing have offered Tuilagi an obscene amount of money and understand his desire to provide for his family, but his relatively lucrative earnings from Leicester and England hardly leave him on the breadline. 

And he is still only 27 - plenty of time to cash in later when in his rugby dotage.

As I say, very disappointing. Whatever happened to loyalty?


Rouge9 said...

Come on wasps, get your cheque book out, we need a Many in our back line. Maybe we need the Govt to chip in, they fork out if it's an important price of art going abroad.

Rouge9 said...

Meant a Manu, not many!!!