Monday, 9 December 2019

Folau settlement stinks

I am sure that Rugby Australia's decision to reach a settlement last week with Israel Folau was a matter of financial expediency, but it still stinks.

What really sticks in the gullet is the fact that, as part of the settlement, Rugby Australia were made to apologise to Folau's family.

Chief Executive Raelene Castle has hardly covered herself in glory on this one...


Unknown said...

And so they should, they were in the wrong

Rouge9 said...

Mmm, Unknown, I disagree with your point of view and with that of Folau but would die fighting for your right to express it however objectionable. However, I think Flankers point was to hightlight Rugby Australia's mishandling of the whole situation from point one and with that I agree. As Dave Allen used to say, "goodnight and may your God go with you".