Thursday, 16 January 2020

International rugby eligibility rules are an ass

The selection of Nick Tompkins for the Wales Six Nations squad sits somewhat uncomfortably with me.

Whilst delighted for the player - the Sarries centre has been exceptional for the past couple of seasons and deserves his chance at international level - his selection for Wales just doesn’t feel quite right.

I say this both as an England rugby fan who is disappointed to lose a player of the ability of Tompkins to another country, and also as someone who thinks that the current eligibility rules are just plain daft.

Look, Tompkins is English, he’s come through the English system and played all his rugby in England and has represented England at both U20 and Saxons level - and yet by virtue of the fact that he has one Welsh grandparent he is somehow eligible to play for Wales? That's just nuts.

I know the argument - under the current eligibility rules he can be selected by Wales. Well, sorry, but the single grandparent rule is an ass.

And yes, I know that England have pulled a similar stunt in recent times with the selection of Brad Shields (although at least he had committed to join an English club), but that doesn’t make it any less farcical.

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Rouge9 said...

I agree to an extent but there are players out there who stand no chance with the big beasts but deserve a chance to play at the top level, (Billy Burns). Though really naffed off with losing Tomkins, he is going to be real quality,surely Eddie has spoken to him at some stage to let him know he's on the radar?!!! Too late.

On another matter, have you seen the England team for 6 nations? Any insights on why Eddie thinks we can do without a specialist 8? It seems like a case of, "if I can't have Billy then I don't want anyone". Don't get me wrong I like Earle and think he could be v special, but no Dombrant, no Sam Simmons?!!! Really?