Saturday, 1 February 2020

Six Nations 2020 - Round 1 Predictions

It's that time of year again as I gaze into my Six Nations crystal ball ahead of the weekend's action and make a complete and utter horlicks of predicting the results:

Wales v Italy

If I was Franco Smith I would be targeting this one as a possible upset. I can see the Italians giving it a right go but coming up just short. Wales by 6.

Ireland v Scotland

Ireland start favourites, no doubt, but Scotland surely can't be as bad as they were in the equivalent fixture in the World Cup pool stage. Ireland to edge this one but not by many.

France v England

Unconvinced by England's preparations and selections for this one and fear they'll be a million miles from the form showed against New Zealand in Japan. A young French side to win this by 5-10 points.


Marcus Slim said...


Rugbydad said...

You weren't far off then. Just as well the women and the U20s kept the flag flying.

Rouge9 said...

Look, I'm not an international coach and I stopped playing at 21 due to the 5th broken collarbone but I was concerned about the players out of position last week. My opinion has not changed but can't help feeling he's going to stick with it next week too! Curry is not an 8 and Lawes is not a six, certainly against good international teams! Youngs took an age to deliver ball from the ruck and doesn't seem to be able to play heads up any more.

Sorry, rant over. Good predicting by the way!