Monday, 18 June 2007

Pump me up...

Just got in from another session in the gym. I'm managing to do 2 or 3 sessions a week at the moment, usually mostly aerobic stuff - running, bike, cross trainer and the dreaded ergometer rowing machine - and mixing in a few weights just to keep the boredom at bay. Today I felt in need of a change and mostly did weights but must admit that I find working out at the gym very, very dull.

I'm afraid I've just never been a gym monkey - I see some guys there strutting and preening and pumping iron - they're there when I arrive and they're there when I leave - I can only guess that they train for hour upon hour, checking out their form in the mirror and absolutely loving themselves.

I've never really seen the point - the reason I go to the gym now is to keep in decent enough shape so that I'm not a total embarrassment when I play Touch Rugby (although I'm beginning to wonder why I bother, given our recent performances). I do find I need something to train for as I find that motivating myself to go to the gym, just for the sake of getting or keeping in shape, a real struggle. In my playing days I did the bare minimum at the gym which may or may not have affected my rugby career to a degree as I was often told I wasn't quite heavy enough (although it's possible they were being diplomatic - it's better than being told you haven't been picked because you're crap). It's true, however, that I struggled to make it up to 14 st when I played which was considered the minimum an open side flanker at a half-decent level should be at the time.

Another reason I frequent the gym is, I do admit, to try to keep my waistline in check . I have never dieted and am pretty determined never to do so as I believe dieting encourages weight-obsession and I really don't want to go down that road. I don't own a set of scales so in fact don't know exactly what I weigh but, at a guess, I'd say about 16 st (that's about 220 lbs in American money), maybe a little more.

So really I'm pretty much at an ideal weight to feature in the England back row for the World Cup this September and at 42 it now looks like I'm also the ideal age. Brian Ashton knows where to find me...

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