Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Power to the people

You've voted in your thousands (well, 14 of you) in the "Should I come out of retirement and play veterans' rugby this season" poll and a whopping 78% of you have said yes, I should just "stop pussy-footing around and get on with it".

So I guess that's it. The people have spoken and it's a landslide. Of course, I'm making no guarantees as, at my age, there's just no knowing when a part of my body will give up the ghost next. I am, however, fitter than I've been for a long, long time and I've been pleasantly (no, that's certainly not the right word) surprised by how I've coped with some of the contact work we've done in training. Yes, it's been hard and yes, it's been painful and a big shock to the system, but within a few days I've almost been walking normally again and, given that Vets rugby is not a week-on-week commitment I might just manage to survive it.

Incidentally, in the poll I must confess that it was me who cast the one vote for sitting on the fence, while I can only guess that the two voters who voted that that I was "too old and it'll all end in tears" were probably my wife and my mother.

Power to the people!

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