Friday, 30 November 2007

Crime and punishment

Given Mark Regan's totally unprofessional decision to play in a meaningless fixture for the Barbarians this weekend, in defiance of Bristol and Premier Rugby and in breach of his playing contract with his club, I believe it's important that Bristol and Premier Rugby come up with a punishment that is both appropriate and proportionate.

Fining the player is the obvious solution but will have no real impact as you can bet that the Barbarians have set aside funds to cover this eventuality, whilst fining the club is, obviously, entirely inappropriate. Suspending the player also does no favours to Bristol who face tough European fixtures in the next few weeks.

No, it appears that the only sensible solution is for us all to give Regan a good kicking.

I am pleased, therefore, to present "Instant Justice" - a game in which we can all help Bristol and Premier Rugby dish out an appropriate and proportionate punishment to this miscreant:


Anonymous said...

It might be a meaningless game to YOU, but somehow I doubt the 70 odd thousand attending the game + those watching at home, not to mention the players and coaches would consider it 'meaningless'.

Let Ronnie celebrate his career, having given so much for Bristol these past few years and let him captain the Barbarians, a huge honour, and one of rugby union's greatest traditions.

It's not all about club rugby.

Having said that... that game was awesome!

Unknown said...

what in Gods name is all the fuss about ? Regan leaves one meaningless game to play in another - someone give the man a compass !

Total Flanker said...

Sorry, but the 70 odd thousand attending the game will witness what exactly? An exhibition match between half the Springbok world cup team and a cobbled together outfit of (with one or two exceptions) players past their prime and happy to take the match fee...

Anonymous said...

They 70 odd thousand who have made the decision to go to the game will see the World champions playing against some of the world's best players from recent years, including present day. The Barbarians are a rugby union tradition, and again, just because you find it meaningless, doesn't make it so.

Of course it's not the most important match this year, but it's sure to be an entertaining rugby match. Whatever happened to watching and playing for the love of the game? Does everything have to be GP or HC rugby to matter?

I'm sure Sheridan is loving his club for denying him the honour of a first Baabaa's 'cap'.

Total Flanker said...

"Does everything have to be GP or HC rugby to matter?"

Not at all but the result of the match has to matter. Two teams chucking the ball around with nothing riding on the result might well be entertaining but then again so is a circus. It really doesn't "mean" anything (and certainly doesn't justify the Barbarians encouraging a player to breach his contract of employment).

When was the last time that a Barbarians showcase game had any bite? Being "a tradition" simply isn't enough. In the amateur era the BaaBaa's match at the end of a SH team's tour usually had something riding on it - at the very least it was a chance for the best of Britain and Ireland to take on the touring team and the matches were always intense. In the professional era it's become nothing but an exhibition game.

You're right of course that the match isn't meaningless to the players - £4k each is what it means - and I'm sure that Sheridan's £900k over the next 3 years from Sale ensures that he's more than happy with his club.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, talk about egg on the face. A fantastic match that had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Somehow I get the feeling that the thousands who braved the elements at Twickenham got their moneys worth, twice over.

Ronnie will of course now be even more sure that he made the right decision in captaining the side, and will show how selfish the PRL and most of the clubs are in all matters that don't concern themselves directly.

Sheridan will wish he had been part of that rather than putting his feet up, no thanks to Sale. And perhaps some people will realise that it's not all about "meaningful" test matches or club matches, a bit of tradion goes a long way and I for one hope the Baabaas continue for many many years to come.

"It really doesn't "mean" anything" - Does going to the cinema "mean" something? Does going for a stroll in the park "mean" something? We watch rugby to be entertained, and it's hard to see how anyone couldn't have been after that game.

And the fact that you think the players only care about £4000 for playing for the Barbarians is laughable and pathetic.

Please lighten up.

Total Flanker said...

Mate, if you're happy to equate watching a game of rugby with going to the cinema or a stroll in the park then that's entirely up to you.

That I prefer to be entertained by something with a bit of intensity is my prerogative.

It's all about opinions - and this is, after all MY blog ;)