Sunday, 4 November 2007

Dunderhead of the Week

Full marks this week go to former Scotland coach Matt Williams who has claimed that he was hounded out of his job by racial prejudice.

Williams, you may remember, took over from Ian McGeechan after the 2003 Rugby World Cup and led the Scotland team to new levels of ineptitude.

Last time I looked Williams wasn't black, or asian, or anything other than caucasian and, much as I hate to break it to him, I'm afraid that fair dinkum Australian doesn't constitute a "race".

Williams' argument appears to rest on the fact that the antipathy of the Scottish nation towards the then Scotland football coach, Berti Vogts (also racially motivated according to Williams, despite that fact that there is also no such race as "German" and that the Scotland football team under Vogts were utter rubbish) was transferred to Williams when Vogts resigned.

"It didn't really matter if I was any good or not – I wasn't a Scot. So the whole racial thing was pretty hard to accept," says Williams.

Setting aside the fact that Williams obviously is somewhat confused as to what constitutes racism, he is obviously also entirely deluded if he thinks that his lack of popularity had anything to do with his nationality. The fact is that, under Williams, Scotland were worse than under the previous regime and improved immediately and dramatically as soon as he left the job.

So, Matt Williams, it did matter if you were "any good or not" - I'm sorry to say that you weren't any good and your popularity reflected that. Your only consolation is that you are now the proud owner of a coveted Total Flanker Dunderhead of the Week award.

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