Friday, 23 November 2007

Poisoned chalice?

Jake White has revealed he was put off going after the job of Wales Head Coach because of the high casualty rate amongst previous Welsh coaches.

"I saw a stat which said that Wales had 16 coaches in 21 years and that is not something that you want to be putting your hand up for," he is reported to have said.

Given the WRU's track record of knifing their coaches firmly between the shoulder blades I must admit that I was surprised at Warren Gatland's decision to sign on the dotted line (it must be a VERY lucrative deal) but, for the record, I must say that White's comments are a gross exaggeration as I can only find 14 Welsh coaches dating back to 1986 who have supped from the poisoned chalice. These are (including caretaker roles):

Tony Gray
John Ryan
Ron Waldron
Alan Davies
Alex Evans
Kevin Bowring
Dennis John
Graham Henry
Lynn Howells
Steve Hanson
Mike Ruddock
Scott Johnson
Gareth Jenkins
Nigel Davies.

What is clear, however, is that the WRU have achieved the not inconsiderable feat of making the job of England football manager look secure.

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