Friday, 7 December 2007

Varsity blooze

Attended the Varsity Match yesterday for the first time in a few years - excellent day out, entertaining game and the right result (22-16 win for Cambridge). The new 4pm kick-off also meant that there was plenty of time beforehand for a long boozy lunch at Twickenham hosted by my old college so, with a couple of additional beers during the game and a couple more afterwards, I admit that I wasn't feeling too clever this morning.

As preparation for another Vets game tomorrow I'm not sure it was ideal and I may need to go out for a jog later or do a gym session just to try and sweat out some of the alcohol. I've had to be careful during the last few weeks not to aggravate a groin strain I've been carrying since the last match 3 weeks ago, which is why I haven't been to club training recently and have just tried to ease myself through training at the gym. It's weird in that I wake up some mornings and it feels fine and yet other mornings it's bloody agony. At the gym it can be painful, for instance, when I start jogging on the treadmill but then is ok after a few minutes when warmed up. I'm certainly planning to start the game tomorrow - against local rivals Amersham & Chiltern - after a decent warm up and some stretching, but I'm not convinced I'll last the whole match.

Or perhaps a couple of drinks beforehand will help numb the pain?

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