Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Battle of the sexes?

Over on Women's Rugby Review , following the receipt of the following email from someone interested in organising mixed contact rugby, we're running a poll asking whether rugby folk think that such a venture would work:

I had a little-toe-wave (this is like a brain wave but somewhat lower down the scale) the other day but it takes some research. And I don't know enough people. Maybe, even if you don't know enough, you can reach enough.I am trying to find out the appetite for women to play mixed contact rugby. I figured the male part of the mixed would be vets (and, as I gather you realise, the maturer player is more likely to play to the spirit of the game :-)). I am looking to form an occasionals, wondering side of five vets, five women and five novices. Since no one else does this (as far as I can ascertain) I would have to double those numbers so we could have a game).The few girls who play that I know would be up for it (given the obvious and serious boundary conditions like insurance), but I need a wider sample.

Mixed touch rugby is obviously very common but what do you think - would men and women playing mixed contact rugby work?

Personally I have my doubts - my experience of Vets' rugby being that it's just as physical as "normal" (for want of a better word) rugby, just that much slower! And as for playing in the "spirit of the game," that entirely depends on the individual concerned - age plays very little part.

Please feel free to comment here and/or take part in the poll located top right of Women's Rugby Review.

ADDENDUM: I should almost certainly have checked this before I originally posted but clause 1.3 of the RFUW Rules & Regulations states:
1.3 Mixed Rugby
The playing of rugby football between male and female teams or by teams containing male and female players is prohibited if one or more of the players are over the age of 12 years at midnight 31st August/1 st
September of the season concerned as per RFU Continuum.
Exception: Excluding all forms of noncontact or tag /touch rugby.

Oh well, thoughts and views would still be welcome...

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