Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Retirement Plan II

By way of contrast to the chorus of sychophancy that greeted the public announcement of Lawrence Dallaglio's decision to retire from rugby last week, Martin Corry's understated announcement yesterday that he was to end his international rugby career appears only to merit a 9-line postscript in today's Times.

Therein lies the difference between the two men. Whilst not possessing the same talent or reaching the same heights as his Wasps' rival, Corry's loyalty, honesty and dignity do set him apart.


G-off said...

loyalty! How isnt Lawrence Dallaglio Loyal Name the clubs hes played for?

The answer is 1 Wasps, for which he has played for 17 years.

You can say what you want about him but you cant say he isnt loyal.

Nursedude said...

Maybe Loyal to Wasps, but post World Cup the guy was a snake in the grass to Ashton.

Total Flanker said...

I'd agree that staying with one club is becoming more unusual in rugby since game went pro and is one form of loyalty (although Dallaglio's recent comments to the effect that Jonny Wilkinsn should leave Newcastle suggest that his motives in staying with Wasps weren't purely altruistic).

What I was referring to however was loyalty towards one's coaches and colleagues and, at international level at least, LNBD has let himself down on this one.

g-off said...

I can see what your saying but, it wasnt just "LNBD" saying those things about the coaching and the set up, Mike Catt also spoke out about Ashton. Everyone who follows rugby could tell something was up, you dont go from thoses first to group games to shutting down teams like Oz and France.

MC & LD where just telling the rugby world (which as usual had increased for thoses few weeks and has now vanished) what they felt as senior players was causing problems in the set up. They could have kept zip but they did have 2 books out! I really hope they didnt do it for selling more books, but you cant write it off!

Basicaly we all wanted to know what happened and MC & LD told us

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