Friday, 1 February 2008

Is that all we've got?

Hopefully this is not a sign to things to come this weekend, but today England lost all three of their pool games at the Wellington Sevens including, unbelievably, a 21-17 defeat to the Cook Islands.

That's the mighty Cook Islands (yes, you read it right the first time) who, despite having a combined population of just 21,000, were obviously too good for our professionals from the Premiership.

The humiliating defeat, combined with losses to Wales (15-7) and Fiji (17-7), means that England now "progress" to the consolation bowl quarter-finals where they face Canada.

England Sevens coach Ben Ryan labelled the team's performances as "disappointing."

No sh*t Ben.


Nursedude said...

As an American who has seen "American Sports" teams like USA baseball and mens basketball get humiliated in Olympic and World cup tournaments, all I can say Flanker, is that the first couple of losses hurt. After awhile you get numb to it.

Anonymous said...

I saw the plate and shield finals on TV this morning. At least England showed some fight in coming back against Argentina.