Friday, 4 July 2008

If you can't beat 'em...

Not content with humiliating England on the field of play, a bunch of kiwi coaches are coming over to England this summer to show us just how poorly we are coaching our kids and to teach them how to play the game the "proper" way.

The New Zealand Rugby Experience is the brainchild of Martin Stanley, little brother of Smokin' Joe Stanley, and the planned training camps - to be hosted at various rugby clubs in the South-East during July and August - claim to teach skills and training that will enable kids to "play fun, expansive and all-inclusive rugby." That'll never catch on, surely?

Not only that, but our kids will also be brainwashed by exposed to a unique cultural experience via songs, stories and haka from New Zealand and the Pacific Islands - clearly well worth the £120 per child that the New Zealand Rugby Experience will be coining in (although to be fair you also get a certificate and a souvenir).

Rumours that Martin Johnson has signed up the entire Elite England squad for the camps remain unsubstantiated.

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