Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Back in touch

I was pleased to get back to playing Touch Rugby last night having missed last week owing to my daughter's unfortunate accident outlined in the post below.

Last night we were up against the previously unbeaten "H Team" - a team formed by Vets' centre Phil who had poached two of our number from last season (albeit his daughter and her boyfriend) prior to the league starting. Sadly, however, we were not to see the blistering pace of Carl (the boyfriend) as he was nursing a leg injury. Shame really as I'm sure I could have taken him (yeah right).

Actually it was just as well he wasn't playing as it was hard enough keeping up with all the other young fit things populating their team (Phil obviously deciding to invest in youth to do his running for him).

We started reasonably brightly before enduring a ropey few minutes before half time in which we conceded a couple of soft tries, one of being a dispiriting length of the pitch interception. Early in the second half we found ourselves trailing by 3 tries but fought back and played some decent stuff in the process, just losing out 7-6 at the whistle.

Personally it was a good blow out after a couple of weeks of inactivity. I played ok in patches, delivered a few scoring passes, made some yards and even stepped my way past 3 defenders at one stage before being let down by a chronic lack of acceleration.

Plus ça change...

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