Saturday, 6 June 2009


It's not a habit of mine to repeat stories read on other blogs but here's a story that demands attention - picked up by Big Dai over at Confessions of a Rugby Referee and originated by Dave over at The Red Terror.

Last week the Toronto Star reported that a Mississauga high school student had been found guilty of the manslaughter of a rival player after committing a spear tackle during a rugby match two years ago.

The teen, who will will be sentenced at a later date, was found to have committed manslaughter when he lifted his opponent into the air, his feet facing upwards, and drove him head first into the ground. The victim died from a serious head injury a few days after the incident

In rendering his decision, the judge commented:

"The defendant intentionally applied force that was outside the rules of the game or any standard by which the game is played.

"The defendant committed an assault, an unlawful act. That unlawful act caused death. The defendant is therefore guilty of manslaughter."

Food for thought...

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Nursedude said...

Interesting that the judge chose to pick rugby to set this legal precedent-there have been many cases where some serious assaults have happened to Ice Hockey players in Canada, and the legal system has pretty much had a 'boys will be boys' attitude-the player who did the spear tackle should have used a hockey stick instead....

It's true that a rugby player has the responsibility to make sure his opponent gets back to Terra Firma in a relatively safe manner...It would be interesting to see the tape of tackle, if one exists.