Thursday, 25 June 2009

Fortune favours the brave...

...but have the Lions been brave enough? That's the million dollar question.

Or, put another way, will Geech and his coaching team regret the decision not to stake all or nothing on the 2nd Test?

Sadly I think that the last 20 minutes of the 1st Test have lulled the Lions into thinking that they can simply pick up where they left off. What they must realise, however, is that - apart from the centre partnership of Roberts and BOD - they utterly failed to ask the Boks any questions in Durban.

From my perspective, I'm pretty convinced that it was the non-selection in the 1st Test of Sheridan and Murray (yes, I know they were injured for the match but they wouldn't have been if they hadn't had to play against the Southern Thugs Kings ) that allowed the Springbok front row to concoct their cunning plan to wreck the Lions scrum rather than focus on their own self-preservation. Despite the introduction of Rees and Jones I doubt the Boks will be worried - Big Ted would have given them much more to think about.

Likewise, in the backs, I'd have loved to have seen Geech really give the dice a roll by picking James Hook to take advantage of the inevitable space that the Boks will leave in trying to shut down the centre partnership. Furthermore, and despite a lack of form, the ultimate gamble would have been to give Ickle Shane a start on the basis that it's likely to take something out of the ordinary to win on Saturday, and Williams has to deliver sooner or later, doesn't he?

The only saving grace is that Big Ted and Ickle Shane are on the bench but, like last week, the game may be lost before they can have an impact.

Now, my next challenge is to work out how I can watch the game while still being seen to be helping out at my kids' school summer fĂȘte...

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