Saturday, 13 June 2009

Mon Dieu!

Heck of a result from down under as the French triumphed over the Kiwis at Dunedin today.

Not sure what this says about the current state of NZ rugby but no doubt there'll be a fair amount of self-flagellation in the land of the long white cloud.

What the result does reinforce is that you never quite know what to expect from the French. It could be the abject surrender displayed at Twickenham back in March or the magnificent effort as seen today.

Two points in particular to note:

  1. The referee wasn't English; and

  2. There wasn't a forward pass anywhere to be seen.


Leonidas said...

the answer is simple: they played like school boys. the first quarter was so bad I gave up. Donald is just not an international 1st5 and Nonu still doesn't match his hype. the scrum was bollocks, come back Carl! once again we put up a 3/4 team and the frogs rolled us with passion once again.

Nursedude said...

In watching the match, you realize just how much the Kiwis missed Dan Carter. I think he is an x factor who makes that team go.

It was more than that-look at the try that Trinh-Duc Scored, he must have ran over 3 all blacks on the way to scoring the try.

The re-match this week should be interesting, but I think it was a combo of the French playing like they had nothing to lose, and the All Blacks underperforming. Wallaby and Springbok fans should like what they saw.

Leg Break said...

All this proves is how badly coached, selected and managed NZ is.

Players out of position (ongoing mistake), undermoticated (ongoing mistake) and without leadership or a game plan (on going etc...)

No coach, even a decent one, should coach an international rugby side for more than 4 years in the modern era.

And that applies even more to a talentless pig-headed Kiwi answer to Napoleon.