Monday, 8 June 2009

Socially inept

OK, it's come to this. I desperately need someone to explain to me exactly what the deal is with social networking sites?

I don't regard myself as an utter Luddite. Although admittedly not necessarily one of life's early adopters (I don't have an iPod, an iPhone or a Blackberry, Raspberry, Strawberry or any other form of soft fruit for instance), I do get technology and it's benefits -more or less anyway.

I also get the point of blogging - a chance to show off and inflict my opinions on anyone daft enough to read them - and I'm on LinkedIn as a way of staying in touch with business contacts and former work colleagues.
I have to admit, however, that the point of Facebook totally escapes me. I do have a Facebook page (is that even the right word?) but not a clue what to do with it. Keep friends up to date with my scintillating life? Promote my blog? Honestly, I'm not taking the piss here - if anyone can tell me what Facebook is for I'd be delighted to know.

As for Twitter - what the hell's all that about? Again, I have a Twitter account and occasionally remember to let people know that I've updated my blog, but that's all. Those that are interested would, I figure, stop by the blog anyway from time to time. Those that aren't interested simply aren't interested - and I'm damned sure that they've no interest whatsoever in what I've just had for tea. I have also seen blogs which feature Twitter updates - usually updates on the latest entries on the blog. So you let people know on Twitter that you've updated your blog and on your blog you feature your latest Twitter entry ("tweet?") to say you've updated your blog...? Is that right? There must be a reason so, again, if anyone can explain the how, why and wherefore, I'm all ears.

These sites are hugely successful so there must be something I'm missing but, with my hand on my heart, I just don't get it.

Answers on the back of a postcard please ...


BigDai said...

For old farts like ourselves, Facebook is away of finding out what those people you were never interested enough in to keep in contact are up. I have reconnected with a couple of people who I had lost. Its also handing to watch what my teenage daughter is up to.
Twitter is more like blogging-lite and whilst I am at home not in the pub for games, allows me to discuss and comment on games - sad I know. There are more rugby Tweeters than bloggers and I seem to be attracting a bit of traffic to the main blog

Nursedude said...

I have to say that Facebook has been an amazing thing-I have been contacted by College classmates and high school classmates from 26 and 30 years ago respectively. It's kind of strange to have last seen somebody in their late teens/early twenties and then seeing them middle-aged. It's been a fun way to catch up with them, and in the case of my family, it's been fun sharing pictures.

As for Twitter-I have no bloody idea what that is about either. I am lucky enough with my schedule to see my favorite blogs(like this one) or check what is new with my friends and family on facebook.