Wednesday, 3 June 2009

A touch disappointed... our poor performance at Touch Rugby last night.

Up against a bunch of under 16s, we were nothing short of a total and utter shambles. To give the opposition some credit, they were well drilled in attack and well organised in defence but we absolutely gifted them 5 first half tries by our sheer incompetence.

Our problems stemmed from the fact that we had too many players, especially of the male variety, which meant not enough game time, little continuity and poor communication. It also led to certain players trying to stay on the pitch too long rather than sub themselves off when obviously knackered, leading to loss of concentration and lack of support for the ball carrier.

Sorry, I needed to get all that off my chest. The result was a 4-6 defeat, leaving the Chairman's Stags rooted to the bottom of the table after 4 games. It's about time we played against someone as useless as we are but sadly next week we're up against top-of-the-table Old Berkhamstedians who've won all 4 games so far.

Oh joy...

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