Sunday, 21 June 2009

Two things...

  1. You have to feel a little sorry for Phil Vickery; and

  2. The Springboks won the mind-games battle hands down.
There they were before the 1st Test, complaining about the so-called illegal scrummaging technique of the Lions whilst behind the scenes they were beavering away at their very own highly illegal scrummaging tactics themselves. Fair play to them - they got away with it 100% and the unfortunate victim of the elaborate scam was Mr Vickery, the most experienced forward on the pitch.

And so, to all intents and purposes, the Raging Bull was dismantled by the Beast. Ironic really, as it was the South African tighthead, John Smit, who was supposed to be the vulnerable one.

The Raging Bull has now been reduced to the role of Mild-Mannered Heffer and must seriously be considering his international future.

And for the Lions the learning curve just became that much steeper.


Chris said...

TF, quite frankly, Vickery showed signs of not being able to handle the 'Beast' from the 2nd scrum on and management should have removed him at about the 30 min. mark. That said (and as an Americans, we did not have a dog in the hunt) it appears that Bryce Lawrence and the rest of the officiating crew were a bit unfair in the awarding of penalties.

Nursedude said...

Add to the Lions woes, a 13 13 match against the emerging Boks. Does not look good for the next match