Monday, 31 August 2009

Big Bad Deano?

One of the most ridiculous things to emerge from the whole Bloodgate saga so far is the ongoing demonisation of Dean Richards.

It would appear that, despite evidence of widespread skullduggery, all of rugby's ills are the fault of one man and one man only - Big Bad Deano.

Tom Williams was of course an innocent victim in the whole affair, weighed down by a "climate of fear" created by Richards - so innocent in fact that he gave the game away by his pantomime acting and a wink to a team mate and then attempted to blackmail the club in return for his silence. And such was the climate of fear that reportedly 12 Quins players (all forwards apparently) joined Big Bad Deano for a quiet pint last week.

Quins' chairman Charles Jillings, meanwhile, has resigned and apologised - not for attempting to coerce Williams into accepting his 12 month ban, but for the fact the club "failed to control" Dean Richards - the implication being that Big Bad Deano was out of control. This would again suggest that it was Richards and Richards alone who came up with the bold scam and that no one on the management, coaching or support staff either knew about it or was prepared to stand up and say "er, no - that's cheating isn't it?"

We do have the new RFU Task Force, of course, but I won't hold my breath and meanwhile it is ultimately one man (a man who, remember, at least had the guts to resign and take responsibility once the game was up) who is being made to carry the can for the travails of the game as a whole.

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