Saturday, 26 September 2009

The world according to Graham

The Right Reverend Graham Henry.

Don'tcha just love him?

According to him the reason New Zealand have been rubbish so far this season is all down to the laws, specifically the fact that the ELVs were not embraced en bloc this season.

"Because of the rules, sides don't take risks and don't pass the ball very often," Henry said.

"I do think the rulemakers have got to re-visit this. The game under the ELVs last year was much more enjoyable to play and much better to watch."

Henry conveniently ignores the fact that aerial ping-pong was as much a part of the game last season as this. And, as the Lions showed this summer, it is perfectly possible to play running rugby under the current laws.

Perhaps he should focus on the fact that New Zealand's lineout has in general been utter pants this season and that there appears to be an alarming lack of depth at fly half, lock and openside flanker?


sesenta y cuatro said...

The point about Henry's complaints is that he should never ever complain after his side (my side) has been so severely punished by the team that are arguably the masters of the kicking game.

Had Henry expressed his views a year ago when the All Blacks were Tri Nations champions, were ranked number 1 team, defeated World champions 2-1 and achieved a Grand Slam tour, his opinions could have been taken differently.

I think the subject Henry is trying to address is debatable; I think kicking is an increasing trend and I see the point in trying to reduce the importance of the penalty goals.

But Graham Henry should be wary of targetting everything that goes against the style of running rugby that NZ and AU have usually played. One could have the odd feeling that rugby has an owner, a dictator who claims to know what's best for the sport, and that the others should follow.

I suggest Henry to focus in the improvements his team needs. Technically they have been exposed in a few areas and that has got little to do with how many points a penalty goal is worth.

Leonidas said...

At first I thought keeping the reverend on was a good thing, after all, we had turfed every other loosing coach within minutes of the final whistle so maybe that was the mistake.

Now I feel the three wise men are past their use by date. Why we persisted with the Average Man is beyond me.

As for Penalties and drop goals, I'm torn. I don't think DGs should be worth 3 points, but Iif we had a kicker who could reliably slot 'em from 65m+ I'd probably be happy to keep the status quo. but here I think the Jaapi's have a geographic advantage. and besides, isn't rugby about running with the ball, and scoring tries?.